Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Beginner hiker

I have a tendency to think of myself as more outdors-y than what I in reality can claim. So with a lot of inspiration from Alastair Humphreys' microadventure label I've decided to persue hiking adventures more this year.

Along with a friend I've signed up for a weekend hiking event in late June. We're to hike 25-28 km a day for three days and will see some gorgeous landscapes in my parents childhood area. I look forward to getting a more intimite relationship with that area because as a child I was just sitting in the back seat drawing and getting out at my grandparents' places rather un-connected with where I was in the country.

I had a somewhat serious back problem in January so I have to be a little diligent with traning for it. Previously I've suffered a lot with blistered feet - so bad that it actually ruined a good deal of a walk on the Camino de Santiago in North Spain some years ago now. Theywere wrecked for months after that and I'm not going to have that happen again. No way!

This means that I'm also looking into pack weight and am trying to balance weight/cost/comfort. I'm a bit heavier myself so if I can scale packweight down my knees will probably like me a bit more. Along with the hiking poles I'm going to bring. Denmark is very flat but Southern Funen is very hillocky. Short and steep.. or is it short and sweet? ;)

Yesterday I bought a Trangia mini - a very cute and tiny version of a Scandinavian classic. The pot holds 800ml max and since we'll be getting the modern freeze dried evening and morning meals where you only have to pour in hot water to the pack, I think this will be fine for the two of us and our occasional coffee breaks. It comes with an alcohol burner that we won't be using on the trail since our entrance fee also comes with gas canisters. So I'm on the lookout for a cheap gas burner as well. I plan to take some training hikes with my new mini kitchen and have a few  cocoa breaks. I wonderhow much you can cook on it? It comes with one pot and one mini pan so pancakes, blinis, pan bread, eggs might work?

Another thing is that I'm finding it very fun to plan my gear and how I can use what I already have in different ways. Like in using a homeknitted sweater instead og a fancy fleece and layer with my rain jacket instead of a bringing an actual jacket. The sweater is for warmth and the rain jacket is for wind and rain protection. Sounds like no biggie but I've only seen it mentioned by a single ultralight hiker on youtube.

For a long time have I been eyeing kettlebells for general fitness and a few days ago I saw kettlebell exercise as a good type for hiking form. I ordered two beginner weights so I'll see if they're any good. Previously I've done a lot of free weights training so I'm not uncomfortable starting out on my own even though some techniques are different.

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